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Deciding to grow your family through adoption is both exciting, and in some ways, terrifying. Adoption law is complex, and hiring an inexperienced or uneducated adoption attorney can have devastating consequences. You deserve a legal team that has finalized hundreds of adoptions and has helped shape adoption law in Oklahoma. Whether it’s a DHS adoption, infant adoption, stepparent adoption, interstate adoption or Native American adoption— we are here to help you.

Many clients come to us because they know they want to adopt, but they don’t know where to start. Call us and we will give you a better understanding about the adoption process. We are dedicated to providing our adoption clients with representation and support before, during, and even after an adoption.

Types of Adoption

  • Infant Adoption

  • DHS Adoption

  • Stepparent Adoption

  • Native American (ICWA)

  • Interstate (ICPC)

  • Adult Adoption

  • International Re-adoption

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